Saturday, November 27, 2010

post Thanksgiving

Sketches! Who'd've thought?
That one other teacup is in there–there's a watercolor sketch based on it around here somewhere.
Colors applied with Corel Painter, naturally.

Hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving! Presently I'm enjoying leftover Angel Food Jello cake.


Dustin said...

Where are those characters from?

And by the way, I referenced a specific song in the game Final Fantasy X in my reply to your Twitter update about the piano.. but then I realized I wasn't sure if you would know what I'm talking about if you hadn't played that game. Anyway, here's a link to the song being played on Youtube (it's a very beautiful song):

Oh, and I think it was my brother who first heard the person playing it in the student center.. he and I have recorded the people playing before, with our laptop recorders, and I think he has the file of the FFX song some where.. Oh, and we know a comic major who can play the Neon Genesis Evangelion them/intro (or whatever that piano song is) on the piano. 'wish I could play piano! :P


Francesca said...


Those are my own characters, from a couple different stories.

I do know that song! (I have it, actually) I haven't played the game, but a number of my friends have so I've seen a fair amount of it.

I wish I could too! I go between being content listening to other people play and really wanting to learn. I think what I'd really like is somebody who could play on call. Best medicine :).

Dustin said...

Neat, I like the dudes with the thingies floating above their hands..looks intriguing.

Oh, good, cool that you already have the song! I have never owned FFX, but have borrowed it and played most of it. I haven't had time to play games (except DS once in a while) in college, but I still listen to video game music a lot. I recommend Jeremy Soule (tons of his stuff on Youtube).

Yeah, on call piano players, that'd be great. Maybe ask Lindsay, I heard she played the MCAD piano sometimes :P