Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm in the process of reading the Chrestomanci series, by Dianna Wynne Jones. I've got one left, and so far one of my favorites is Conrad's Fate. Here's the title character, done in Painter.


His uncle signs him up to work in a manor as a manservant with ulterior motives. I enjoy the setting of the book a lot, because it means everybody is dressed nicely and the environment is all...fancy and wealthy. I like the characters a lot, too.


Ajahli said...

the Crestomanci Chronicles are AWESOME. I think there are new books out I have yet to read, but my grandma bought me Diane Wynne Jones books when I was in middle school, I've been a fan ever since <3 Duke of Derkholm is pretty good too! And of course,t he old favorite, Howl's Moving Castle.

Can't wait to see more art of her characters!

Lindsay said...

I don't know who that is, or what those books are - but it totally doesn't matter because this painting is awesome.

he needs a hug.

Courtney said...

Love it! Conrad's Fate was the last Dianna Wynne Jones book I read, and I remember not wanting it to end. Though Charmed Life is still my all time favorite (love Cat.)

The sketch is great, captured him perfectly :)

mnelson said...

He's so cute and fancy lookin'!