Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I still take time to draw nothing

I haven't posted a sketch page in aeons, and my sketchbook is teeming with random bits, so I'm going to take a little breather from making stuff that looks finished to post some stuff that doesn't.
This one has a lot of drawings from coffee shops. Coffee shops are my favorite thing of the moment. There are a few character things in there, all of them mine, and the usual portion of animals. The frog was a daily pattern dud sketch.


Speaking of daily pattern, here are a few I like:




I also drew this in Photoshop the other day, and I'm pretty fond of it as digital drawings go.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter and things

I have a confession to make. I make this confession nearly every year. Well, I make it every time another Harry Potter film comes out. I sort of don't care about the movies. But it's okay! It's okay. I really like the Lost finale, and nobody likes that. Plus, I love the books. PLUS some friends and I are going to the midnight showing tonight.

Anyway, I've been super fortunate and took part in Ten Paces and Draw again. And it was Harry Potter themed! I love Harry Potter!
Here's my sketch, that was finished by Katie Turner.


And here's my finished illustration, that was sketched by Trevor Basset. I used the watercolors again, and that almost always makes me happy.

watercolor and ink on 190 lb cold press paper

I've been working a lot in Photoshop still and I like a lot of the stuff that's been happening. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some of my favorite latest patterns from the illustrious Daily Pattern Project.



Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back to Work

I love listening to podcasts while working. Sometimes listening to music just won't cut it. Movies and shows often require too much attention (if they're good) or bore me to death (if they're not). Podcasts are the perfect thing–they update regularly, the talking is often conversational and easy to listen to, and you can learn/get inspired/be entertained for absolutely free.

That said, I wanted to make an illustration for my most beloved podcast, Back to Work. Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann are the hosts for this fantastic thing, and they do an extremely good job of making sure their listeners learn/get inspired/be entertained for at least an hour of the week.


Incidentally, the lastest episode "Failure is ALWAYS an Option" is one of my favorites. I won't say more. Spoilers, you know.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Art pile

I...just...One Piece. I made another One Piece art. This one is of Cutty Flam (which is the best name, ever, by the way).

I've been working a lot with Photoshop lately, trying to redeem it against the might and magic of Corel Painter. And it's working! Photoshop is pretty cool.
You know how your teachers (and parents) tell you things and you're like "yeah, yeah, whatever, okay." And then you figure that thing out by yourself someday and you're in this wonderful high of victory and accomplishment and everything is wonderful AND THEN you realize they already told you that. Years ago.
That's what this recent Photoshop revival has been like.



Minneapolis (day)

Minneapolis (night)

Independence Day