Thursday, October 28, 2010


I draw a lot of cups and cats in my sketchbook. Here's another cup from a watercolor demo.

Also, if you don't already, you may like the Paper Bicycle blog. The folks from work (myself included) share cool stuff over there.


Dustin said...

That's the one you started in class, right? What kind of paper is that? I tried 300 lb for my newest assignment, which was nice for the water, and was pretty good for the texture of my bark (a little jaggedy, but that probably helped it look more like bark)

Francesca said...

Sure is! This is 160 lb Arches rag. It's the roughest watercolor paper they sell in the Art Cellar, and it's some great stuff to work with. 300 lb! I loove 300 lb.

Chris Pagel said...

Love the cup!
man, i wish i could attend some of these demo's you've been doing 8[
-if only he could afford classes at MCAD-

and i've been following Paper Bicycle for a bit now! :D
Lindsay's got some cool stuff on her blog as well :D

Quality Francesca! Quality!

Dustin said...

Ohh, it's 160 lbs, ok. So Arches rag is even more tough/rough than 300 lb arches? I think I may have some 160 lb strathmore..maybe that will be alright if I apply the water in smaller doses?

Francesca said...

@Chris: Thank you very much! My coworkers are the best there are.

@Dustin: Ooo! I made a mistake–I checked my paper and it's actually 140 lb. Ugh.
Even 90 lb paper is really good watercolor paper, it just holds less paint and bows under a lot of water. I soak my paper when I paint, and I normally use 140-160. I use 300 when I can get it.
But if you're into watercolor try some lighter stuff too! You may have good luck with it, and it's cheaper. Now that you've tried the heavier kind, you can always go back :)
All of that stuff is based on my experience, too. There are a lot of people that use watercolor and have different takes on it.

Dustin said...

Hmm, I see. I will try out my lighter-weight paper soon. I probably will not plunk down the dough for the 300 lb any time soon if I can help it.

I think a recent thing I've been wanting to do in my work is simplify things more, and I think watercolor could force me to make things more simple (for the most recent assignment, I held back and things turned out better than they would have if I had over-worked it like I normally do with some paints). We shall see where it goes..