Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gray day

(I did not realize, until this moment, that "gray" and "grey" can be used interchangeably. I thought I just never knew how to spell that color.)
Life drawing, some of my characters, one One Piece thing, and the dudes at the top are that Inception guy. Not Leo. One of the other ones.


Lindsay said...

Grey is my preferred color out of both of those.

But if GrAy is up against any other colors, I'm game for that, too.

Lindsay said...

p.s. who are these luscious men you are drawing. johnny bravo? and... your neighbor? opera man?

Francesca said...

! Haha! Johnny Bravo is Frankie from One Piece. You should tell Adam about luscious Frankie. Some of those guys are from Inception (he's my favooorite) and some are just random guys I drew.

Chris Pagel said...

That doesn't happen to be Jason Gordon Levitt's character does it? 8D Arthur?
i Love Jason, *would go see any movie he is in, he's gold... next Tom Hanks imo* XD

also, i wouldn't have caught the One Piece ;3 haven't seen the show, i thought it was Johnny Bravo as well.

Francesca said...

Yes, it is :). INCEPTION. When can I see it again.

I'll have to start labeling these things! Or good people can ask, and I can answer, so the world will know ;P .