Tuesday, January 11, 2011

remaining sketches

These are the last ones from the old sketchbook. I like this new one a lot too, though it's pretty different and I'm still transitioning into it. It's this one, though I got it significantly cheaper at a student art store.

The character heads at the top and bottom are Christopher and Conrad (I posted them before) from the Chrestomanci Chronicles. A couple things from life, an assorted girl character and a mailman.

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Eric Drobile said...

Hey Francesca, stumbled upon your webcomic through TWC tonight and was captivated by your craftsmanship. I have a lot to catch up on but your writing seems to be very solid and engaging too! I skimmed through and really appreciated the direction you've taken the art with your comic. Anyway, just wanted to give a nod to a fellow artist. Keep it up, I'll be watching!!