Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some mountains and some oatmeal

I've got a large collection of mountain sketches, so here are a few to start with. Drawing organic land masses help loosen up the drawing arm! There's also a hobbit drawing in there and a bunch of characters.


The Daily Pattern Project is still going strong. I missed a chunk of days, but Lindsay and Chris have flawless records and I am amazed.
It feels really good to finally have a body of work that is both recent and of the size and caliber that I want it to be. It feels even better to know that once you've finished a pattern, you know that you've always got tomorrow to make a better one.


Song Title

Instant Breakfast


Tiffany said...

I love all of these things! The breakfast pattern is so perfect :)

Dustin said...

I like the strawberries one. I was eating strawberries (just a minute ago) when I scrolled down and first saw it. Nice desaturated green, and a great shade of red to go with it.

Trallt said...

How much do I love those patterns?!!!
Holy wow those are cool! I love that style so much!

And Kipling...jkdfljdfklddroool,lkdfldhotttt

I posted this in Roxy's journal and want you to know about it:

Hey, I am going to a pretty fancy New England steampunk convention at Artist Alley and I want to promote any comickers with steampunk-y webcomics. If you have cards, flyers, or anything printed and you want me to distribute them, I will be happy to (Francesca's comic too!) Note me on DA and Ill send you an address to mail them to if you are interested. I will display the cards at my table and leave some at the collective info table.

Oh, btw this my new blog. I stopped updating the old one!