Monday, August 16, 2010

The End of the Sketchbook!

This is the last page of sketches coming from the now full sketchbook! I'm always thrilled to finish a sketchbook. It's become a thing: I start hunting for my next one a few weeks before gauging the sketchbook will be finished, then purchase the next one very close to its end. I went out today and bought it, and I'm very excited to start it.
Some original characters, a Christopher Chant from the Dianna Wynne Jones books down in the left corner there, Sherlock from the new series near the top, and my apple loving cat near the middle.


Chris Pagel said...

-hi five-!
i'd say that's a victory.
Can't wait to see what's in the new sketchbook!
I love the Apple Cat X3

what kind of sketchbook did you get?

Francesca said...

@ Chris Pagel
*hi five* Thank you! It always feels good : )
I got a 9"x 6"Flexisketch, put out by one of my favorite sketchbook companies, Handbook. Their hardcover books are brilliant, and so far this one is really great, too. It seems very sturdy for a perfect bound softcover book.

Leroy said...

E! I like that.

Roxy said...

Lol, why does she love apples so much???
also, congratulations on finishing it! I'm getting close to the end of mine too, it's an exciting feeling!

Anna said...

Oh my God, Sherlock! How wonderfully surprising to be perusing the archives and come upon him in all his petulant, scarfy gloyr!