Monday, July 27, 2009

other treasure

Illustration of Kip and Regina. This one is kinda special in that nearly all of the items around the room have some kind of symbolic significance to the story. Some things some people might be able to guess, a lot maybe not so much. Also, I have to note, none of the items (to my present knowledge) are the treasures Kip is looking for. These are a different kind of treasure : )

Kipling's room

Ugh. Color palette similarities between this and that last piece. Need to make something a little brighter next time.


Anonymous said...

WOW... Kipling looks... really cute here. Unkempt hair and no glasses... nice. Still, not Fugue, but still cool. Also, I spotted that little toy dog under the hammock. Significant? How did HE get that?

Lindsay said...

i want to pet this cat! so cute! :)
what a great illustration! You can tell your heart is in it.
cute cute cute
and good lighting!!! : P