Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the good kind of bad guy

The Next Adventure's villain:
Or one of them, at least. Granted, he's not quite like this in the story (he's about 25 years older), but I've been working out his character. No, he is not abused and I don't even know if he's suffered any major tragedy. He is a sad individual though.
It's also recently occurred to me that he dislikes animals.

All right. I've had enough summer. Let it be winter again.


Katy Farina said...

Gotta love those inherently sad characters. :P I was explaining yesterday how Tanner is an annoying emo *brat*, and my friend Gillian goes, "...Then why did you create him?!" Hahahaha. Well, they're interesting characters anyway. But I have a feeling they'd never get along.

I love the little rainbow in this~! It took me a second to see it but it's a nice touch.

Alicia said...

Seems like there's a big story here behind this guy. I want to see some adult pictures of him. Also, child pictures of the other characters! :D